Best Craigslist Find EVER!!





YOU GUYS!!! I just got the best new (to me) thing ever for free off craigslist! It is A-MAZ-ING! But first, let’s go back in time a bit…

This was what my living room looked like awhile back. (minus the Jazz Singers that I totally painted over). If you remember, we picked up our sectional for free from craigslist because a dog had ripped apart one of the seat cushions and I took a chance on it and replaced it myself. It wasn’t always the best couch but it worked well for us because #1 it was free and #2 we didn’t care much about it’s condition since we have 2 young kids and 2 doggies. It was comfy and the lines were very contemporary which worked well for our space. Plus I loved the way the desk looked sitting behind it like a sofa table.

Cut to 1 month ago…Our lovely little doggies have always had the freedom to roam the house while we were away and we never really had a problem. Then our newest family member, Layla, a miniature Australian shepherd with anxiety issues, started having accidents all over the house. The first occurrence happened in the basement. We didn’t know at the time that she was the culprit, and we didn’t think much of it. A few days later we came home to 2 ┬áruined area rugs, one in the kids room and the one in our living room :(. I don’t know why we didn’t connect the 2 incidents, but we just assumed she had an upset tummy and it was a one time offense…until we came home one night and she had pooped ALL OVER the couch. There was no saving it and it took everything we had not to puke as we worked to clean up the mess and throw the couch out the window at 2 o’clock in the morning! I’m surprised the cops weren’t called because I’m positive it looked like we were getting robbed.


So we lived like this for about a week or so. I CANNOT pay attention to my Real Housewives of Wherever when I’m trying to get comfy on an ottoman. It was very sad…

couch 007

So my parents let us borrow one of their couches for a bit until we could find a replacement. Its a very nice couch but it just wasn’t working in my space. I was hating that everything was shoved up against the walls like a 6th grade dance party (boys on one side, girls on the other) This really upped my motivation to find something that would work. I knew we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that the kids and dogs would likely get dirty and worn out, so I searched craigslist and furniture stores for something cheap and pretty. Those are hard shoes to fill

But one day I found it on craigslist for $100. It’s a very modern, white sectional from IKEA, originally priced at $799, so I didn’t think that was a bad price for something so perfect and I was ready and willing to pay it. So I emailed the lady and asked if I could come pick it up 3 days later. I was discouraged by her response. Someone else was coming to look at it…my heart was broken (not really, but I was majorly disappointed) I asked her to let me know if they didn’t take it and I would still be interested. They didn’t show! But a new couple was set to come look at it. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions! Luckily they didn’t show either and the lady was beyond frustrated. She told me that if we promised to show up, we could have it for FREE!! AHH!!! We dropped the kids off at my friends house and headed out to get it.

couch 014couch 015

It’s awesome!! The best part? I can take the entire covering off and wash it! Which I did, because it was a little dirty. And you guys, it was so easy! The fabric around the frame just Velcros in to place and the cushion covers just zip up! When we picked it up, the lady was sure that 3 of the cushions had broken zippers, but when we got them home I played with them and got them all to work again! What a steal! I plan to paint the legs black and maybe even replace them completely with something a little more intricate, but for now, I’m just thrilled! Next up is a new area rug but I can’t decide on a color or pattern. I’m torn between a creamy white shag or something with a Moroccan trellis pattern…

What was your best free find?