How to Make a Bed

This post is 100% dedicated to my Mom. She drilled this into my head from a young age and I thought it was silly. But now, I realize just how important it really is. Sorry mom! And thank you for always teaching me the best way to do things and why!

Making a bed properly is one of the most important things to do in your bedroom. Your bed is center stage, the focus of the room, and can make or break the look you are trying to achieve.  All those beautiful, cozy looking beds you see in magazines and on pinterest, you know, the ones that make you want to crawl in with a good book on a cold day, you can get that look! And it’s so easy! You just gotta remember a few simple steps. You will need a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillow shams (and even standard pillow cases if you like a lot of pillows like me) and throw pillows. You can also add a throw blanket for a great pop of color/pattern/texture.

It all starts with the sheets. The fitted sheet is a no brainer, just pop that sucker on. The flat sheet, however, takes a little more effort. Some people don’t feel the need for a flat sheet, but trust me, it is absolutely necessary! Not only is it going to break up the bedding to add a more layered feel with colors and patterns, but I’ve also been taught that it keeps your comforter a little bit cleaner between washes. (Thanks mom!)  We all know that comforters are tricky to wash and some even have to be taken in to be dry cleaned. That flat sheet will protect it from your body oils and sweat when you are unable to get it cleaned as often as you wash your sheets.

Ok, are you ready for a really long tutorial with lots of picture? I promise that in reality it doesn’t take as long as it looks!

Lay the top sheet across the bed with the finished edge at the top and facing down. This will ensure that when you fold it over the comforter, it will have the pretty edges (and patterns if you have them) are facing up. Do not pull the sheet all the way to the top of the bed. leave 3-5 inches of space.



Next, make sure the sheet is hanging equally on both sides of the bed.


Next up is hospital or military corners! Some people hate this, but it really helps anchor the sheet so it doesn’t get lost while your tossin’ and turnin’ and keeps sheets from peeking out from under the comforter. First tuck the end of the sheet under the end of the bed.


Next, grab a spot that hangs down. I like a more square finish rather than a triangle, so I grab a spot closer to the end.


Lift it up on top of the bed and you should be left with a triangle piece hanging down by the bedskirt. Tuck that piece under.




Grab the corner of the piece on the bed and fold it down over your hand.


Straighten out the wrinkles and tuck! Tada!



Next comes the comforter. Put the comforter up as far as you can and further than the sheet at the top of your bed.


Some People would add pillows at this point and call it done.


But personally, I’m not a fan. It looks like a cold hotel room bed, it doesn’t have all the layers and textures going on and definitely doesn’t scream “climb in, I’m so cozy!”

So Instead, I like to fold down the comforter and top sheet. I like to see the contrast or colors and patterns from the sheets peeking out.

Fold the Comforter down first


And then the sheet. This will keep your flat sheet from getting twisted and wrinkled if you try to do it at the same time


Smooth everything out and then add your pillows. First the standard pillowcases


And then the pillow shams. Make sure the front pillows are upright


Next comes the throw pillows


I like to push down the center of my throw pillows. They look a but more polished while still looking “lived in”


Now you could still call it done and your bed would look beautiful


But why not add another layer to amp up the cozy factor


A good throw blanket in  a fun color or pattern will give your bed more depth

And now your done! Your room looks more finished, and your bed can stand proudly at the center!

See Mom, I was totally listening 🙂

How do you like to make your bed?

(PSST…I’m in the process of updating our room and I’m thinking about adding some color. Yay! I’m not sure yet, but I’m leaning towards pops of coral…)