$6 Chair Makeover!


When I was working for a client, I found these amazing chairs for $50, and I was in LOVE with them. It was really hard to part with them, so I was thrilled when I found a similar pair, on craigslist, for FREE!!

chair beofre

They were horribly beautiful and the price was perfect! I wanted to do them up exactly the same as the others, but once I got the white fabric on, it wasn’t even a week before tiny toddler hands had dirtied them up and ruined the fabric. So I went in another direction. I had some leftover chevron fabric from a different project and it was more than enough to cover 2 chairs. It’s not upholstery fabric, so I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up, but the black and white pattern will hide any stains a bit better.

So I unscrewed the seats and ripped off all the fabric until I just had a shell of a chair. Outside they went for a couple coats of black spray paint. I used 6 cans of Walmart’s $0.97/can of spray paint. Yep, that’s all I spent on these beauties


Time for upholstering! First, I stapled the fabric to back of the chair with my pattern facing down


Trimmed up the excess, and added the piece of original padding before putting the front piece on


Then came the front piece, complete with beautiful tufting. This part was a bit time consuming, and some fingers were burned in the process, but otherwise it was pretty easy.

I used my hot glue gun to recover the buttons in white fabric circles. (I know, totally professional, right?)


I’m sure there is a better method, but this was quick and I had everything needed on hand




I laid my fabric over the foam and cardboard piece, and started putting the brad buttons through the fabric beginning with the top center and then working my way out and then down to the next row.


Once the tufting was complete,  I stapled the piece in place, making sure to line up the edges.


I used a long piece of fabric and stitched it around the existing upholstery cord to make my edging.


Trimmed off the excess and used this handy dandy upholstery glue to keep it in place



After stapling fabric to the underside of the seat, I screwed it back in place and now I have these lovely chairs!


Not too shabby for $6!


One Man’s Trash…

The other night, I noticed this beauty in my neighbors dumpster, so I sent Jeff on a re-con mission to rescue it from it’s impending doom.


It once had glass inserts that I’m sure were broke and therefore landed this poor thing in the trash, but I had a plan! My mission: turn this old coffee table into a shiny new tufted ottoman!

Here’s how it was done:



First, I attached some scrap pieces of plywood to the top to cover the holes. I just laid them out on top and then screwed them in place. Next, I pre-drilled the holes for my tufting in a diamond pattern. Total cost for this step: $0 as I already had the scrap plywood and screws.


Then a couple coats of black spray paint to the legs ($0.96 a can at walmart!)



Then 2 layers of 1 inch foam. I had some scrap leftover from my Banquette Seating project that I fit together like a puzzle. I bought the 2nd layer for $16 at walmart. I cut everything down to size and stapled a layer of batting (also leftover from a previous project) to keep everything soft and in place.


I had to staple one side of my one yard of fabric ($6) and then came the tufting! Now I am no expert on tufting, but my genius dad helped me come up with a method that works really well. I bought these buttons from walmart (or any craft store) that allow you to add fabric. Cost: $1.76 for 4


Once all the buttons were ready. I tied my thread to them and using a large needle, pulled them through my layers of fabric and foam right through my pre-drilled holes and tied them off with some plain ‘ol buttons on the other side. I used my staple gun to secure the underside buttons in place to create my tuft.


Am I making any sense? 🙂

Once the tufting was done, I stapled the rest of my fabric in place and Now I get to enjoy this beauty!


Ain’t she purdy?? Total project cost: $32. Cost for saving the life of a coffee table: priceless!

Kitchen “Remodel”

This is our almost done kitchen. It’s a vast improvement from what it once was, but there is still plenty of work to do.

And here is the Before

We had to lower the cabinets quite a bit. They were pushed all the way to the ceiling and I could hardly reach to open the doors! We just unscrewed them from the wall, lowered them about 20 inches, leveled and rehung them. It was pretty easy and Taking them down made the painting process so much easier!

We are slowly changing over our appliances to stainless steel. I’m not a huge fan of the black on black, but I HAD to have black cabinets. Painting was easy, but time consuming. We removed all the doors and drawers and gave them a quick sand. After cleaning each door VERY well. It was a quick coat of KILZ primer and then Rustoleum’s oil based paint in satin black. We painted the corners and molding with a really good brush and then rolled the faces with a foam cabinet roller. Oil based paint is really smelly and difficult to work with, but it really gives the best results. They are so beautiful in any kind of light and durable to boot! I’ve since learned that using exterior latex paint and a paint sprayer is a much easier option. Oh well, next time….

I really feel like we took these boring, builder grade cabinets and turned them into stunning custom cabinetry.

I found the pulls at cabinetparts.com. They are a very traditional style in brushed nickel. I think they look great against the black. And it just over $1 a piece, they are a great steal!

I had some leftover fabric from our shower curtain and I really wanted some kind of drapery over the window, so I just cut my scrap in half and stapled each piece in place. You don’t really notice that there isn’t a rod there and it adds such a lovely print to an otherwise boring spot.

We don’t really have a dining room in our home, but we do have an eat in kitchen. The space was too small for our dining room table (which I was really starting to hate anyway) so I was on the hunt for a round table. I originally had a claw foot table painted all black in mind, but then I stumbled upon this gem. Where did I find it? Duh, craigslist! It is so cute and Pottery Barn-esque. In fact, Pottery Barn sells a very similar tablefor around $400. I got this beauty for $50! Plus 2 chairs. The lady was asking for $175 but I talked her down. That’s my most favorite thing about craigslist. No price is final! The top was oak, so naturally I painted it black. I found the other chairs in the craigslist free section and I think they work so well together. I plan to paint the chairs black as well. I’d really like to have more of  nook feel with a bench seating and cozy pillows. Stay tuned for that transformation. The curtains were once plain white. I could not find affordable black ad white striped curtains anywhere! So I bought these panels from Target for $10 a piece and painted them!

I spread them over a drop cloth in my living room one night (use plastic because mine bled through to the floor) and tape off 3 sections. I knew I wanted to start and end with the white and that I wanted bold stripes, so I just divided the length of my curtain by 7 and I knew how many inches each stripe would be. I used acrylic paint and a product called fabric medium which is also found in the acrylic paint aisle of most craft stores. I mixed 1 part fabric medium to 2 parts paint and went to town with a roller. They turned out great. I absolutely love them!

I love all the little details in my kitchen. Especially EAT. The letters were under$1 a piece from the craft store and I just mod podged scrapbook paper onto them. It took under 10 minutes. I found the ceramic creamers and sugar bowl at goodwill for 25 cents a piece. I love things that go together but don’t actually match. Seems very thoughtful and charming to me.

I used gorilla epoxy to glue candlesticks to fun plates that I found at goodwill for holding dishtowels and my coffee station. I think it adds a bit of interest and only cost  under $10 to make.

Total cost of kitchen thus far

paint for cabinets……………………….$20


custom curtains………………………….$30

Dining table and 8 chairs………………$50


New Dishwasher………………………….$500

stainless microwave (not yet hung)..$25


Grand Total………………………………..$675!!

Our kitchen still has a long way to go. I plan to add crown molding to the tops of the cabinets to really give them a more custom feel. I also want to paint our hideous beige tile in a black and white checkered pattern. I hope to accomplish it all this summer, so check back often to see! What do you think of the “remodel” so far?