How to Make a Bed

This post is 100% dedicated to my Mom. She drilled this into my head from a young age and I thought it was silly. But now, I realize just how important it really is. Sorry mom! And thank you for always teaching me the best way to do things and why!

Making a bed properly is one of the most important things to do in your bedroom. Your bed is center stage, the focus of the room, and can make or break the look you are trying to achieve.  All those beautiful, cozy looking beds you see in magazines and on pinterest, you know, the ones that make you want to crawl in with a good book on a cold day, you can get that look! And it’s so easy! You just gotta remember a few simple steps. You will need a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillow shams (and even standard pillow cases if you like a lot of pillows like me) and throw pillows. You can also add a throw blanket for a great pop of color/pattern/texture.

It all starts with the sheets. The fitted sheet is a no brainer, just pop that sucker on. The flat sheet, however, takes a little more effort. Some people don’t feel the need for a flat sheet, but trust me, it is absolutely necessary! Not only is it going to break up the bedding to add a more layered feel with colors and patterns, but I’ve also been taught that it keeps your comforter a little bit cleaner between washes. (Thanks mom!)  We all know that comforters are tricky to wash and some even have to be taken in to be dry cleaned. That flat sheet will protect it from your body oils and sweat when you are unable to get it cleaned as often as you wash your sheets.

Ok, are you ready for a really long tutorial with lots of picture? I promise that in reality it doesn’t take as long as it looks!

Lay the top sheet across the bed with the finished edge at the top and facing down. This will ensure that when you fold it over the comforter, it will have the pretty edges (and patterns if you have them) are facing up. Do not pull the sheet all the way to the top of the bed. leave 3-5 inches of space.



Next, make sure the sheet is hanging equally on both sides of the bed.


Next up is hospital or military corners! Some people hate this, but it really helps anchor the sheet so it doesn’t get lost while your tossin’ and turnin’ and keeps sheets from peeking out from under the comforter. First tuck the end of the sheet under the end of the bed.


Next, grab a spot that hangs down. I like a more square finish rather than a triangle, so I grab a spot closer to the end.


Lift it up on top of the bed and you should be left with a triangle piece hanging down by the bedskirt. Tuck that piece under.




Grab the corner of the piece on the bed and fold it down over your hand.


Straighten out the wrinkles and tuck! Tada!



Next comes the comforter. Put the comforter up as far as you can and further than the sheet at the top of your bed.


Some People would add pillows at this point and call it done.


But personally, I’m not a fan. It looks like a cold hotel room bed, it doesn’t have all the layers and textures going on and definitely doesn’t scream “climb in, I’m so cozy!”

So Instead, I like to fold down the comforter and top sheet. I like to see the contrast or colors and patterns from the sheets peeking out.

Fold the Comforter down first


And then the sheet. This will keep your flat sheet from getting twisted and wrinkled if you try to do it at the same time


Smooth everything out and then add your pillows. First the standard pillowcases


And then the pillow shams. Make sure the front pillows are upright


Next comes the throw pillows


I like to push down the center of my throw pillows. They look a but more polished while still looking “lived in”


Now you could still call it done and your bed would look beautiful


But why not add another layer to amp up the cozy factor


A good throw blanket in  a fun color or pattern will give your bed more depth

And now your done! Your room looks more finished, and your bed can stand proudly at the center!

See Mom, I was totally listening 🙂

How do you like to make your bed?

(PSST…I’m in the process of updating our room and I’m thinking about adding some color. Yay! I’m not sure yet, but I’m leaning towards pops of coral…)


I’m Back….with a kitchen update!

Are the Holidays over? I haven’t noticed! We have been going and going since October and the past 5 months have been a bit of a blur. In the middle of all the Birthday/Holiday frenzy, I managed to start quite a few projects. I did not, however, manage to finish any of them or post any progress. I usually like to see one project through to the end before beginning anything else, but this winter has made it hard for me to focus on any one thing, not to mention the hundreds of ideas and checklists swirling around in my brain making it difficult to process anything. I’ve begun work on the girls room, we replaced the back door, I started recovering my super awesome barrel chairs, I’m in the midst of turning Lily’s old room into a craft room (although it looks more like a trash heap/laundry sorting room), I helped my best friend paint and begin to decorate her kids rooms in their new house, and the list goes on, and on, and….you get it. I’ve been ALL OVER THE PLACE with not much to show for it…until now!

I knew I wanted to add crown molding to my builder grade cabinets, but I was a little nervous about making some of those awkward cuts. After I wasted 8 ft. of beautiful crown practicing the right angles and cutting upside down and getting super frustrated( seriously I had to wait 6 months to try it again!) I finally figured it out and got it up! Yay! go me!



After putting the crown on top, the bottoms looked a bit naked, so I added some super cheap, thin trim to the bottoms as well.

I was so happy with the way it turned out and how quick it went once I got the hang of it. I was on a roll. I decided to just get to the painting and ran to get my almost full can of black paint, cracked it open and discovered it was DRIED OUT. SERIOUSLY?! I had just used a few weeks ago, and now it’s dried out?? So then those almost done cabinets sat, all black and white, for four months. I lost out on my window of time to get them painted with all the other life-y things going on, so I looked at them everyday wondering how awesome they would look painted, or is it kind of cool to just have black and white? Maybe I just discovered the newest trend. I even had a dream that the whole world was doing their cabinets this way and it was exactly how it should be. But then I woke up and realized it’s not cool. It just looks unfinished, and gross. I was longing to have them done, so I just decided to do it, finally. I MADE the time and I’m so glad I did.

Here’s the Before:


And After!:







I also picked up this super awesome stainless steel microwave and stove for $135 on craigslist. The stove is awesome with its glass cooktop and warming zone, but the microwave is touchy. Like really, it doesn’t always work, but if you touch it, it seems to work for me. So that will need to be replaced, but it sure does look pretty!


I’m  in the middle of building a spice rack cabinet to go between the fridge (which will hopefully one day be stainless steel too) and the stove. I feel like having the fridge shoved up next to the stove looks weird and unfinished and there was exactly enough room to do a skinny spice cabinet.


I’m also working on figuring out how to make a nice light fixture with a pull string. The current light over the sink is gross and isn’t connected to a switch, so it has to have a pull string. But I have a pretty good idea brewing…

We also replaced the ugly faucet with a super cool one I found on craigslist for $10





EEEE!!!! So pretty!


And last, I really wanted to figure out a way to display some of my beautiful white serving pieces but knew I couldn’t do shelves. I wanted them over the banquette seat but Jeff is a tall dude and I didn’t want him hitting his head everytime he went to eat dinner. I decided to use the picture ledge from Ikea. It is shallow enough that it isn’t obtrusive and deep enough to just hold my pieces.


Still need to patch some holes from a different shelf I tried failed to build.



So still on the ‘ol To Do List:

Replace the curtains on the sink window

Replace the curtain over the banquette (it just looks old and nasty)

build a light fixture

finish building my spice cabinet

I’m hoping to get the kitchen stuff done before moving on to anything else, but I seriously doubt that will happen! I promise to keep ya updated this time! 😉

DIY Window Treatments

I’ve been planning out the girls new shared room, picking out bedding and fun fabrics for curtains, throw pillows and an upholstered chair. I came up with this very ROUGH design board so I could visualize my plan a little better.

Shared room

I know, it’s terrible, but it’s also very helpful. So far, I’ve painted the pink stripes and put the twin beds and area rug in the room. The white blob, between my terrible drawing of twin beds, is supposed to be a desk I picked up for the girls. I said it was rough, ok. Still on the to-do list is ordering the bedding, painting the navy blue wall, reupholstering the chair for the desk, making two matching headboards, making some cute throw pillows and adding artwork to the walls. I’d also like to put a book corner in the room with a cozy beanbag to cuddle up for some reading time. After configuring the furniture for the room, I realized I couldn’t do long curtain panels because of the beds.

I love long, flowy curtain panels. they do such at great job of adding, texture, pattern and drama to any space. They can make your windows appear larger and your ceilings appear taller. I just love them! But they don’t always work for every window. Like In my kitchen, for instance. I couldn’t have long flowy panels because of the banquette seating. they just wouldn’t work. But I hate, I mean HATE, short panels. They look unfinished and way off-scale. You know the kind I’m talking about:

Mainstays Solid Room Darkening Curtain Panel

This was obviously NOT an option. Gross gross gross. Never do this people. It looks like someone walked up and cut the panels. It’s just awful….

So I had to figure out what to do to dress up a window where long panels just wouldn’t work. So I looked to the internet for inspiration and, lo and behold, a roman shade or a valance is just what I need.

 Board mounted valance

Pretty, right? There are things about each that I like and don’t like. I love the look of the valance  but Love the functionality of the roman shade.  I also don’t like that a roman shade is usually set inside the frame of the window. I like having something taller and slightly wider to add height to the room. So I took a long window panel, turned it sideways and stapled it to the wall along with some ribbon. Cheap, easy and great results.


It’s so simple. All you need is Ribbon, a staple gun and either one long curtain panel or a large piece of fabric that is at least 8 inches wider than your window. I used a curtain panel turned sideways for the kitchen window, but I just used some fabric in the girls room. I needed to have something that was still functional for naptime. Lily naps best in a dark, quiet room. I had some black out panels from her old room that I just sewed the new fabric to so she would still have a great place to nap, but you could even use a piece of fabric with raw, unfinished edges, and no one would ever know!

First step, staple your ribbon the the wall:

I used a 55″ piece of ribbon. At the halfway point I stapled the backside to the wall at about the same height. They don’t have to be perfectly level at this step. I went up 10 inches from the top of the window since we have really tiny windows and I wanted them to feel larger. You can use 3 pieces evenly spaced, or just 2 for the edges, like I did in the kitchen, depending on the look you are going for.

Next up, find the exact center of your fabric. My fabric was 77″x 35″, which makes the center 38.5″. Bring the top side of your ribbon over the fabric and keep the back piece of ribbon behind the fabric. Fold the top inch of your fabric under and staple the underside to the wall. (it helps to wear your fabric like a cape so you can get under there and see what you’re doing, and also feel like you have amazing superpowers)


168 169

Next, do the same thing to the left side, making sure your fabric is hung level


Do the same to the right side


Once you’re happy with the height and your panel is level, go back under and add more staples to make sure it’s nice and secure.


Now tie up the center ribbon


And then both sides


Once the ribbons are tied at height you like, it’s time to make it look more polished.

I like to add a fold using my staple gun because it just looks nicer at the edges.


I find a spot about midway for the top to where the bottom hangs, pull it up and staple to create a fold


The staple goes right where my thumb is.


Now it’s time to fluff it up and play with it to get folds and creases just where you want them.


When I want them down, I just untie the ribbon, and tie them back up to open. Easy and fabulous!


Once you’re pleased stand back and admire your work and then bring the whole family in to also admire your work.  Be sure to get plenty of praise for how amazing, creative and inventive you are. This is best achieved by asking “Didn’t I do a great job?” or “Am I the most creative person in the whole world, or what?”  That usually works   😉

Time for a change….again

Well, the time has come to get Lily into a big girl bed! woohoo!! Lately, the girls have been sleeping in the tiny toddler beds in Lily’s room and doing such a great job together, that we thought we would have them share a room. We decided that we would put them both into Lorelei’s bedroom, which is across the hall, and since Lily’s room is attached to our room, we thought we’d turn it into a walk in closet and master bath combo. While I’m so excited that we are going to have our own bathroom with a nice soaking tub, that dream won’t be happening for some time, so for now, we are focusing on the girls room.

I had the idea to just put a bed in there and be done with it, but I had forgotten about bedding. So I scoured the internet looking for anything relatively close to Lorelei’s custom made bedding, but no luck. Same problem I had when I first began planning her room.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 059

I love all the colors in her room, and I LOVE her bedding, but I’m just not in the mood to make a whole new set. With that, I stumbled across this bedding at Wal-mart. I had already been pinning pink and navy blue ideas for Lily when she was ready to transition, and now that they will be sharing a room, why not just implement those ideas in there? It’s not my favorite bedding, but it’s unbelievably affordable (I can do 2 sets for $60) and I can dress it up with awesome paint on the walls and lovely throw pillows.  Because who doesn’t love painting a room every season? Apparently I do. Or I just like to punish myself. I’m not really sure which.

So here’s the plan:

I will keep the striped walls, but use big pink stripes, which I happen to have leftover from Lily’s room so the cost is $0, and navy blue pin stripes. Then I plan to make them matching headboards using the west elm daybed design as my inspiration:

west elm

I’ll change out the pink curtains to a lighter shade and I think I’m going to do a faux roman shade instead of 2 long panels. I found a cute little desk in the free section of craigslist that I’ll paint either pink or white  and use an old upholstered chair (also from the free section of craigslist) that I’ll paint white and recover in a cute pink pattern. Maybe chevron? Not sure yet. Since there will be 2 beds and desk in the room, we decided it would be best to get rid of the dresser (I just got misty typing that, love that dresser) and turn their closet into a wardrobe kind of like this:

built in closet

That way they can still have pretty storage for their clothes, with plenty of room to play  🙂 That’s the plan, we’ll just wait and see how much and how quickly we can get it done so we can start work on our very own bathroom…

Yard Work!

So far, this has been the summer of yard work, EVERY WEEKEND! I’m spent! But it looks like we are reaching the end of our outdoor projects, for now.

Remember our free-ish fence? Well, I finally got around to painting it! I started off with my handy dandy paint sprayer, but I guess the heat and size of this project was just too much for it and it finally bit the dust after 2 years! It got me as far as the primer for one half of the fence. So the fence sat, primed and waiting for paint for about a month.



Lucky for me, my neighbor is a contractor and he let me borrow his commercial paint sprayer! I fell in love with it!! Painting was so much faster since I didn’t have to keep refilling the cup. You just stick the tube in your 5 gallon bucket and go to town! It was awesome!

It was also very, VERY messy. Especially in the wind. By the end of it, I was coated in paint. I’m not sure professionals look like this when they are done. 🙂  But imagining painting all those pickets by hand (which I attempted and only got as far as 2 before giving up) made the mess of it totally worth it! When I was finished, I immediately ordered a sprayer of my very own.


And now we have this perfectly shabby, beautiful white fence!




Let’s just take a minute to reflect on what the yard looked like when we bought it

house 001

Now we’re making progress!!

We lined the fence with black mulch and I planted some lavender bushes along the inside.They are just tiny babies now, but they will eventually be a beautiful hedge of purple. I found about 350 free brick pavers on craigslist and we used them to line the tiniest sidewalk in the world.




Our sidewalk is wider and looks a whole lot better, and you just can’t beat free landscaping! We also got some free sod and used it to fill in the bare spots on the “good” side of the yard. It’s a bit over grown because we seeded over it as well to fill in any bare spots, and we can’t mow it until the new grass is longer. So we are living in the jungle for now!


Jeff Rototilled the back yard to get it ready for seed.


We ran into a small problem in the back when the rototiller cut through the internet cable that was buried less than 2 inches deep!!


I thought we would have to spend hundreds of dollars and have the whole yard ripped up to replace it, but Jeff was sure he could fix it. He whipped out his soldering iron and put that baby back together. I was so impressed.

So we seeded the back and the dirt half of the front, and we are finally, after 2 weeks, seeing some great progress. We have green fuzz!


We also added a paver walkway in the backyard that leads to our cars. It’s not much to look at, but then again the back has never been anything wonderful so this is more for function than form. We kept dragging dirt and mud into the house and we needed a simple solution. Thankfully we were given these pavers from a great friend, so it was another no cost update. Hopefully, it will look better when the grass comes in? We shall see…

IMG_20130603_160237_686 (1)

So that’s where we are at for now. I’ll get some more pictures up once the new lawn is more established and well manicured. I’m just so happy to finally see something growing in the dirt! What summer projects are you working on?

One Man’s Trash…

The other night, I noticed this beauty in my neighbors dumpster, so I sent Jeff on a re-con mission to rescue it from it’s impending doom.


It once had glass inserts that I’m sure were broke and therefore landed this poor thing in the trash, but I had a plan! My mission: turn this old coffee table into a shiny new tufted ottoman!

Here’s how it was done:



First, I attached some scrap pieces of plywood to the top to cover the holes. I just laid them out on top and then screwed them in place. Next, I pre-drilled the holes for my tufting in a diamond pattern. Total cost for this step: $0 as I already had the scrap plywood and screws.


Then a couple coats of black spray paint to the legs ($0.96 a can at walmart!)



Then 2 layers of 1 inch foam. I had some scrap leftover from my Banquette Seating project that I fit together like a puzzle. I bought the 2nd layer for $16 at walmart. I cut everything down to size and stapled a layer of batting (also leftover from a previous project) to keep everything soft and in place.


I had to staple one side of my one yard of fabric ($6) and then came the tufting! Now I am no expert on tufting, but my genius dad helped me come up with a method that works really well. I bought these buttons from walmart (or any craft store) that allow you to add fabric. Cost: $1.76 for 4


Once all the buttons were ready. I tied my thread to them and using a large needle, pulled them through my layers of fabric and foam right through my pre-drilled holes and tied them off with some plain ‘ol buttons on the other side. I used my staple gun to secure the underside buttons in place to create my tuft.


Am I making any sense? 🙂

Once the tufting was done, I stapled the rest of my fabric in place and Now I get to enjoy this beauty!


Ain’t she purdy?? Total project cost: $32. Cost for saving the life of a coffee table: priceless!

Take A Seat

I found this super awesome, pottery barn-esque table on craigslist for a steal at $75 plus two of the chairs. I’m in love with it, but I’m not so in love with how it was working in our tiny space. We have to keep it stored up against the wall and then pull it out for every meal time. And the chairs….I guess they could be pretty cool if I refinished them, but that doesn’t change their size. They’re enormous!! We are constantly bumping into them and pushing them around to get them out of our way just to walk through the kitchen. Something had to change.



I’d been staring at this banquette seat from Ballard Designs but I just couldn’t justify the cost. That’s when I came across this blog I’d been admiring and found plans for a banquette seat. It was beautiful and looked super easy so I decided to give it a shot. (If you haven’t checked out this blog, it’s a must! is filled with free and easy plans for beautiful furniture, built-ins, you name it!)

I adjusted her plans to work better for my space by making the seat depth smaller and  measuring my walls to make sure my seats would be a custom fit in my space. I drew out my plans and headed to Lowes. I had them cut my 4’x8′ board down to the sizes I needed and I grabbed some 1×4’s and some wood screws. I also got batting, foam and fabric from walmart.

I started by making my frame


I have two separate frames for each bench that come together to make a corner bench. A couple cuts and some screws and that part was done in a flash.

Next came the legs


once the legs were all attached I stood them up and set my boards on top to make sure everything was the right size and sturdy.


I stapled batting around the edges of the frames and then stapled my fabric over that. I really wanted a tailored look so I added box pleats.


My boards for the seat and the back rests got a layer of foam, batting and then fabric. I made the seat covers removable for easy cleaning and coated the rest in scotch guard. White with 2 kids and 2 dogs? I know I’m nuts! But any other color/pattern would not have looked right.


I added some black and white throw pillows to make it look cozy and inviting.


My long curtains no longer worked for the space. I attempted to cut one short to see how I liked it but it turns out, I HATE short curtains. So I just took the other panel and stapled it up sideways to mimic a roman shade. It’s just temporary until I can figure something awesome out, but it looks pretty good, right?


The table no longer needs to be smushed against the wall and it’s not obtrusive at all. Best part? When we sit to eat dinner, Jeff and I can trap the girls in the middle and eliminate the constant up and down from the table! muhahaha!


I love the way it turned out and even happier that my total project cost was just about $163. Much more doable!

Mailbox Love

mailbox update 044

My best friend and I were talking yesterday about all the things we wanted to do to our yards this spring and summer. My list is quite long considering the shape our yard is in! After our conversation, I started pinning ideas  left and right when I came across some beautiful mailboxes. The realization that not only was our mailbox boring, but that I could do something about it hit me and I was off planning. Those of you who know me know that I’m impatient and when I get an idea I HAVE to run with it. Sometimes this impatience results in some pretty cool outcomes. I decided last night that I was going to do this project today. I made my plan and I updated our boring, standard mailbox for free. That’s right, I spent no money on this project. Just some leftover paint and supplies we already had and It only took me about 3 hours to complete.

Here is the mailbox before:

mailbox update 015mailbox update 016

I had to get pretty crafty to get some good results. First, I printed off the address and a pretty little flourish ( I used green ink because I didn’t want to waste my black ink) The I flipped each page over and used a pencil to color over the back of the text.

mailbox update 003

mailbox update 004









Next, I cut out each piece, made sure I liked the way it would line up, and then taped each piece to the mailbox.

mailbox update 007

mailbox update 018

I used the same pencil to trace over each letter, number and flourish. Once I removed the paper, I was left with a transferred pencil image on my mailbox

mailbox update 024

Can you see it?

My last step for this part, paint in the lines! Easier said than done, but with a little patience it can be done.

mailbox update 025

mailbox update 027

One coat of paint was not enough, but I did kind of like the look. It was almost like chalk…but it didn’t last

3 coats later and….

mailbox update 030

Don’t worry about mess ups, smudges, or uneven lines. I just used some flat black paint to touch up the spots I wasn’t happy with. Then I coated the whole thing with clear gloss spray paint to keep it protected.

I found these shelf brackets in the basement and screwed one to the post. I’m thinking of adding another to the other side as well, but I’m undecided.

mailbox update 037

And finally I painted the whole bracket and post with some leftover exterior trim paint.

mailbox update 040

So much better!!! So what do you think? Should I add another bracket?

The Big Reveal!!

So the time finally came for Lorelei to transition to a big bed and out of her toddler bed. Mostly because Lily was ready to get out of the crib, but also because Mommy really had the itch to do some decorating. My first step was to paint the super amazing headboard and footboard that I found for $12 on craigslist months and months ago. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect. A few weeks later I found a super ugly dresser in the FREE section on craigslist and knew they would compliment each other perfectly once painted. With headboard and dresser in hand, I knew the exact direction I wanted to go, but it would have to wait. Afterall, her bedroom was already painted and I knew it would be a lot of work to prime and repaint, So I decided to work with my current palette and just paint the headboard black for now. I wasn’t all that exited but I would make it work.Image

Ugly, but full of potential!


Much better in black.

Next came the dilemma of her comforter. I had a budget of $0 and had nothing. I went downstairs to poke around in my fabric and could not find enough of anything to make a blanket or comforter. And then, sitting in the corner, there was a cheap black comforter all balled up. It was one of those items that you happen to collect when you get married and you think you’ll never use that boring, patternless piece of junk, but you hold onto it anyway. As if the universe is telling you “don’t throw that away. one day when you have a kid who needs their room to coordinate and you have no money to buy anything amazing, you’ll be happy you kept this” And boy was I happy! It was probably one of those $15 comforters from wally world, and it was meant for a full size bed, but I knew I could make it work. I tossed it over her twin size bed and started to make my cuts. I sewed up the sides and, voila!, a twin comforter. But it was still boring. I went back to my fabrics and found that I had exactly one yard of beautiful black and white lattice fabric so I sewed it right to the top of that boring black comforter.Image

Hooray! So pretty!

While the result of her new bed and bedding was cute-ish, I still wasn’t thrilled. Her room was cute, but it was also dark, and a bit too grown up for her. Plus, I was craving a light, bright room. That would come soon…


lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 016lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 020lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 019

So first things first, Priming! Thankfully have my handy dandy paint sprayer
(around $60 at Home Depot), otherwise this would have been the worst part of the job

lorelei's room

Next was a quick coat of white and then onto the stripes!

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 021 Just taped them off  ten inches wide and 12 inches apart.

After the stripes were dry it was time for the pin stripes. This was the tedious part. I had to tape them off and then “seal” them using paint so I would end up with nice clean lines.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 023lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 024lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 025

And, TADA! Clean lines, super cute stripes 🙂

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 063

Next up was painting the dresser…Oh boy was I excited!! This dresser had been sitting, lonely, in my basement waiting for a good update. I would walk by it daily while doing laundry (ok more like monthly) dreaming of what it might look like all done up.

Here’s what it looked like when we picked it up. Did I mention it was FREE????


And here it is after it’s sassy makeover!

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 066Isn’t it beautiful! I’m in love! See all those nooks and crannies? This is where my handy dandy paint sprayer once again saved the day! Easiest paint job ever! It took me about 2 days to paint, let dry and coat with clear gloss spray paint.

I hunted for months for the perfect fabric for her bedding. It had to have a fun colorful pattern that did not include alphabets, butterflies or owls (the only bedding available to little girls in these colors without spending a small fortune). I came across the kumari garden collection on etsy and knew instantly that this was it! Call off the dogs, the search is over!! It only took me a good 3 months of searching. On Etsy, the fabric was priced really high, but I found it all on and got to use a 30% off coupon! Hooray! All the fabric for her bedding cost $142. This included the fabric for throw pillows, curtains and even the fabric I framed on the walls. That’s alot less than any cute bed in a bag deal, and I ended up with exactly the look I wanted.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 059

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 042

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 061

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 053lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 052lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 054

I sprayed a couple coats of pink and orange spray paint on all the frames to brighten up her artwork. I kept the chandelier the same and updated the shades with a little lime green fabric

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 058

I painted the ceiling medallion green but I’m not yet sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 048

I am so in love with the way her room turned out! I wish I could move in. I’m also hoping this bright bedroom will improve her mood, but I won’t hold my breath. You know how three year olds are! 🙂 I still have some touch ups and I need to change the curtain rods. I’ll probably just paint her current rods white,  or maybe orange? green? blue? I haven’t yet decided. What do you think of her new and improved room?

My Quick Sunday Project

Our tiny little front porch is sinking into the ground. I’m sure it’s nothing a mud jacking wouldn’t fix, but that costs quite a bit of money. I really just wanted to do something that would make it a little more awesome and a little less “holy moly, the house is sinking!” I’m not sure if this will really distract from the crookedness that is our front porch, but it sure looks neat!

When I first told Jeff I wanted to paint the front porch, he looked at me sideways and then said “Ok, I trust your judgement”. He thought it was a crazy idea, but it was something I saw on pinterest and I was dying to try it! And since I already ad some leftover black paint, this was a free project. I used black exterior paint and after a I get the desired “wear”, I’ll seal it with a coat of polyurethane.

First I had to tape off my diamonds and a border. I ran out of painters tape and, in an effort to keep this project free, I continued taping with packing tape. I would not recommend using packing tape, especially if you are like me and you decided not to measure and mark your pattern. I’m really great at eyeballing, but not so much when the tape I’m working with is clear…I am ok with all of the uneven lines because I was going for an imperfect look anyway, and I wanted this to be a fast project. It took only 2 1/2 hours.

















I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Just a little touch of character added for $0! (and yes, yes I have begun to decorate for Christmas already…don’t judge me)