Dresser RE-Do

A friend of mine is getting ready to welcome her first baby girl this December! I am so thrilled for her and her husband and I can’t wait to meet the little one! So while setting up the nursery, she realized she needed a changing table, but wanted something unique. Obviously, this called for a trip to Goodwill! We looked at every dresser and passed this one by before coming back and deciding that it might actually work.


It was pretty bad, but had some very interesting lines. It was nice and long and a great height with plenty of storage, so she decided to go for it. I brought it home, cleaned it up and sanded it, and then it sat for about a month, waiting for its makeover.

Once my friend decided on the paint color, I got to work on it while she chose some new drawer pulls. 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of paint later (yes, 4 COATS! UGH!) we ended up with this beauty!


Aren’t those glass pulls fantastic! I just love how interesting this piece is! And it’s so feminine and sweet, perfect for a little girl’s room!


The top of the dresser and the drawer fronts were laminate so they just got a very light sanding. Also, the new pulls were smaller than the originals so I had to drill new holes and fill up the old ones. I used wood filler and then sanded them down nice and smooth, and no one is the wiser! Next was 2 coats of primer with a light sanding after each coat. My plan was to use my paint sprayer to save some time and get a nice smooth coat into all those nooks and crannies, but for some reason, it wasn’t working! A few choice words later, I decided to brush it. Those top 3 drawers were the worst! I was able to use a cabinet roller on the other 6, but those had to be dry brushed, 5 times! I used a very small paint brush with very little paint to make sure I didn’t end up with big gobs of paint in all those nooks. It took FOREVER!


I eventually finished it (something I was worried would never happen) and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It’s beautiful!





Affordable Update.

Last week, I had the pleasure of adding some much needed shelving to some very unusable space in a condo downtown. It was screaming for a little makeover. The whole condo was beautiful but this one little spot seemed to be neglected. Since it’s in the bathroom, what better use then a linen closet!


I used some 1×2 for supports and, in an effort to keep it budget friendly, I used some 1/4 inch plywood for the shelves that I just painted white.


After All the shelves were installed, it was time to caulk every last nook and cranny and paint, paint, paint!


I added some 1/2 inch shoe molding to the fronts of the plywood shelves to make them look finished and just slightly more substantial. I found a door casing pack which ended up being much more cost effective than just buying the casing on its own. Just a couple cuts to make it work for my space, and voila! A much more effective (and pretty) use of space. And at only $68 for the project, easy on the wallet too!


From Outdated to Fabulous!

I found these wonderfully horrible chairs on craigslist for $50. I was working on a client’s office and I knew I wanted to use barrel chairs. When I saw them, I just knew they would work perfectly. I kind of fell in love with them and had a really hard time giving them up. They would have worked really well in my living room. My fingers are crossed that I come across another pair of these chairs before my obsession takes over and I try to steal them back…

phone 561

The fabric was awful and the wood was pretty scratched up, but lucky me, the caning was in great shape!

Here is my inspiration:

barrel chair

I reupholstered them with an inexpensive white fabric and painted the rest of the chair black.

work 087work 088

Aren’t they gorgeous? I absolutely love them!!

Purple, Green and Pink?

One of my youngest clients requested that she have a purple, pink and green bedroom. Seriously? I could not imagine how it would all work. But she showed me! This color palette really worked great for her very fun bedroom. When we started her bedroom had one hot pink accent wall and three very purple walls. I decided to make the whole room purple so that the walls weren’t competing with each other anymore. She happened to have this existing furniture and I knew I had to make it work with my design plan. I had a limited budget of $200 for some furniture, curtains, throw pillows and wall decor.

phone 347

phone 348

Her room had most of the elements, but lacked direction and there was not much style happening.

I found a side table and toy box at goodwill for $35 that I painted bright pink and I brought those super cute flower night lights down to a more appropriate height

work 008

I found an old brass headboard and footboard and painted it lime green. I also painted that awesome mirror I found for $5 in the same color. Doesn’t it look great against that purple wall?

work 009

I also made her name out of craft letters and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. This was a very inexpensive project that had big impact.

She Already had great bedding, but it had no purple. I decided to use throw pillows to tie the whole color scheme together.

work 004

Before, her toys were spread throughout her room, but now they all have a home in the perfect little toy nook.

work 022

I used my leftover scrapbook paper from her name project to add some fun silhouettes to the wall.

work 013work 012

She now has a beautiful room that reflects her own personality and personal style! I am blown away by how well these colors turned out!

DIY Painted Area Rug




I kept seeing these painted area rugs floating around pinterest. One day, I thought “hey I can do that!” and so began my search. I found, on craigslist, an unused, unopened, very large, beige area rug for $15. A steal! And I wasn’t about to spend a ton of money for my little experiment. Once I brought it home, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the motivation to actually paint it, but then a client had a need for an extra large area rug with a bold pattern. The budget was slim so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. First things first, tape off my pattern. I prefer masking tape over painter’s tape when painting fibers because it tends to have fewer bleeds.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 007

I decided on a geometric pattern 2 inches wide. Not only because the client preferred a modern pattern, but also because I felt it would be easier for my first time.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 008

I decided to use the same chocolaty brown paint that we used on the wall. This would save money and coordinate well in the room. I used a regular ol’ paintbrush and went to town.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 010

I always remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Keeps from messing up the paint and makes for much cleaner lines.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 014

Pretty awesome, right? It’s a bit stiff on the paint, but after the vacuum goes over it a few times and plenty of foot traffic, it will soften. This was such an easy project, but maybe next time I will mix the paint with fabric medium to soften it up a bit more. Have you tried out any of the awesome ideas making their way around pinterest lately?

Wild Bridal Shower

Just before Christmas of this year, Jeff’s cousin will be getting married! He found the most amazing woman to share his life with and we couldn’t be happier for them! The first time Laura and I met, I fell in love with her too. We just clicked. Maybe its because she is a fellow Texan, y’all, or just because she is downright awesome! Either way, I’m thrilled to call her family and I was even more thrilled that I got to help plan her bridal shower. My family is made up of some pretty amazing women, and when we get together we really know how to have fun. So, together with my Mother-in-law, my Sister-in-law and my Aunt, we threw a beautiful shower complete with animal print, toilet paper dresses and plenty of Sangria.

This is the beautiful dessert table. I’m a firm believer that it’s all in the details! So, even though we used Hostess cupcakes, and Little Debbie zebra cakes, the presentation was stellar. I used plates and candle sticks to make cake stands. A little epoxy and some black spray paint created a gorgeous display. These were pieces I already had, so the only cost was .97 cents for a cheap can of black paint. Best part: I can paint them another color to use again for other parties 🙂

We had white wine sangria with fresh sliced fruit, as well as Spa Water which is simply water with sliced strawberries and cucumbers (or any fruit you like)


My Sister’s Bathroom

A while back, my sister allowed me to help her “remodel” her master bathroom. It was so much fun and I love the outcome. While she no longer lives at this house, sometimes I just have to go back and look at the pictures because I’m amazed at the bang for our buck with this one!

Here’s the Before

The first thing I did was paint the cabinets black. My sister bought that Rustoleum Cabinet transformation kit and I learned that I am not a fan. It includes a paint and a a clear finish. The finish dried bubbly and it wasn’t as perfectly smooth as I had hoped. Luckily she loved the outcome and it was just my perfectionist nature that was so annoyed.

I laid all the doors out on a plastic drop cloth on the floor and went to town. I did like that there was no sanding with the kit (just about the only upside)

I guess it turned out pretty great…

She found some framed mirrors from big lots for around $40. I painted big bold stripes with some beige paint she had leftover from painting another room. I hung up the mirrors and my handy hubby changed out her light fixtures with some oil rubbed bronze fanciness.

She changed out the faucets for Oil rubbed bronze and the look is stunning. Looks like a bathroom straight out of a custom home!

She had this shelf with hooks so we swapped out her towel rack and she picked up some coordinating towels. I love the basket on top.

I love the mix of the chocolate brown with the beige stripes. It’s so warm and inviting. I could’ve stayed in that bathroom all day!