Black Front Doors and Red BACK Doors!

Our back entry way leaves much to be desired. It’s small, awkward, and kind of ugly. But today, I’m feeling a little more hopeful…


When we first moved into our house I was on the hunt to replace this ugly, white metal door. I hated it. It was the same as the front door, which was almost immediately replaced, but the back door took us a little longer

001 I found this door from the Denver Historical Society for free. It was pretty beat up and too long for our door frame, so it sat in the basement for almost 2 years until, finally, Jeff decided he was sick of our metal door. The metal door we had didn’t fit properly either and cold air was always coming in. So he cut off about 3 inches from the bottom of the new one and hung it up.  It fit PERFECT!! I loved it, except… door

It looked like this from the inside


And it stayed that way for WAY too long. It’s kind of neat all beat up and chippy, but I am not a fan of the buttercream yellow. It wasn’t working for me, but refinishing it seemed like a huge undertaking that I just wasn’t ready to deal with. Until now.

First, I scrubbed the paint off the doorknob’s backplate and revealed this beautiful  oil rubbed bronze, looking all aged and pretty!


A little soap and water and a scrubber and it came off pretty easy, the rest of the door, not so much. My original plan was to just give it a light sanding, but that did not work in my favor. This had such a thick layer of paint that it was just flaking off and there was no way I could just sand it down evenly. I had to scrape it all off. It took me 2 days. I was not up for going to spend any money or using any chemical removers so I just grabbed a small screw driver and started scraping away. After an hour I think I got about 1 sq. in. done. It was awful and hard and just wasn’t working, so I switched to a putty knife. A little easier but still took a lot of work. When Jeff figured out what I was doing, he ran and grabbed these babies, which I had no clue we even had!


Wood chisels!! They are heavier and supper sharp and just ripped through that old paint!


Flakes were flying everywhere and I was actually making progress! It was a breeze compared to my clever useless tools. You just have to be sure you hold them at the EXACT right angle, or else they will start chiseling away at your beautiful wood door. Ask me how I know…

Anywho, once the paint was gone, I filled the big holes with wood putty and sanded it down to get it as smooth as possible. It is a very old door and has quite a few imperfections, which I kind of love.


Taped it off and went to town…3 coats of red paint later and…




Before it was painted, I was ashamed to let it be seen in any of my kitchen photos, but now it just adds such a lovely pop of color and makes me so giddy every time I walk into the kitchen



So how do you feel about it? Do like the interior of a door to be painted, or do you prefer to keep it white?


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