$6 Chair Makeover!


When I was working for a client, I found these amazing chairs for $50, and I was in LOVE with them. It was really hard to part with them, so I was thrilled when I found a similar pair, on craigslist, for FREE!!

chair beofre

They were horribly beautiful and the price was perfect! I wanted to do them up exactly the same as the others, but once I got the white fabric on, it wasn’t even a week before tiny toddler hands had dirtied them up and ruined the fabric. So I went in another direction. I had some leftover chevron fabric from a different project and it was more than enough to cover 2 chairs. It’s not upholstery fabric, so I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up, but the black and white pattern will hide any stains a bit better.

So I unscrewed the seats and ripped off all the fabric until I just had a shell of a chair. Outside they went for a couple coats of black spray paint. I used 6 cans of Walmart’s $0.97/can of spray paint. Yep, that’s all I spent on these beauties


Time for upholstering! First, I stapled the fabric to back of the chair with my pattern facing down


Trimmed up the excess, and added the piece of original padding before putting the front piece on


Then came the front piece, complete with beautiful tufting. This part was a bit time consuming, and some fingers were burned in the process, but otherwise it was pretty easy.

I used my hot glue gun to recover the buttons in white fabric circles. (I know, totally professional, right?)


I’m sure there is a better method, but this was quick and I had everything needed on hand




I laid my fabric over the foam and cardboard piece, and started putting the brad buttons through the fabric beginning with the top center and then working my way out and then down to the next row.


Once the tufting was complete,  I stapled the piece in place, making sure to line up the edges.


I used a long piece of fabric and stitched it around the existing upholstery cord to make my edging.


Trimmed off the excess and used this handy dandy upholstery glue to keep it in place



After stapling fabric to the underside of the seat, I screwed it back in place and now I have these lovely chairs!


Not too shabby for $6!


4 responses

    • Thank you Andrea! Its really easy once you realize that almost any piece looks fresh and fabulous once it has a new paint job! Start small with a cool (or ugly) old picture frame and a can of spray paint. But be careful, it’s hard to stop once you’ve been bitten by the painting bug!

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