I’m Back….with a kitchen update!

Are the Holidays over? I haven’t noticed! We have been going and going since October and the past 5 months have been a bit of a blur. In the middle of all the Birthday/Holiday frenzy, I managed to start quite a few projects. I did not, however, manage to finish any of them or post any progress. I usually like to see one project through to the end before beginning anything else, but this winter has made it hard for me to focus on any one thing, not to mention the hundreds of ideas and checklists swirling around in my brain making it difficult to process anything. I’ve begun work on the girls room, we replaced the back door, I started recovering my super awesome barrel chairs, I’m in the midst of turning Lily’s old room into a craft room (although it looks more like a trash heap/laundry sorting room), I helped my best friend paint and begin to decorate her kids rooms in their new house, and the list goes on, and on, and….you get it. I’ve been ALL OVER THE PLACE with not much to show for it…until now!

I knew I wanted to add crown molding to my builder grade cabinets, but I was a little nervous about making some of those awkward cuts. After I wasted 8 ft. of beautiful crown practicing the right angles and cutting upside down and getting super frustrated( seriously I had to wait 6 months to try it again!) I finally figured it out and got it up! Yay! go me!



After putting the crown on top, the bottoms looked a bit naked, so I added some super cheap, thin trim to the bottoms as well.

I was so happy with the way it turned out and how quick it went once I got the hang of it. I was on a roll. I decided to just get to the painting and ran to get my almost full can of black paint, cracked it open and discovered it was DRIED OUT. SERIOUSLY?! I had just used a few weeks ago, and now it’s dried out?? So then those almost done cabinets sat, all black and white, for four months. I lost out on my window of time to get them painted with all the other life-y things going on, so I looked at them everyday wondering how awesome they would look painted, or is it kind of cool to just have black and white? Maybe I just discovered the newest trend. I even had a dream that the whole world was doing their cabinets this way and it was exactly how it should be. But then I woke up and realized it’s not cool. It just looks unfinished, and gross. I was longing to have them done, so I just decided to do it, finally. I MADE the time and I’m so glad I did.

Here’s the Before:


And After!:







I also picked up this super awesome stainless steel microwave and stove for $135 on craigslist. The stove is awesome with its glass cooktop and warming zone, but the microwave is touchy. Like really, it doesn’t always work, but if you touch it, it seems to work for me. So that will need to be replaced, but it sure does look pretty!


I’m  in the middle of building a spice rack cabinet to go between the fridge (which will hopefully one day be stainless steel too) and the stove. I feel like having the fridge shoved up next to the stove looks weird and unfinished and there was exactly enough room to do a skinny spice cabinet.


I’m also working on figuring out how to make a nice light fixture with a pull string. The current light over the sink is gross and isn’t connected to a switch, so it has to have a pull string. But I have a pretty good idea brewing…

We also replaced the ugly faucet with a super cool one I found on craigslist for $10





EEEE!!!! So pretty!


And last, I really wanted to figure out a way to display some of my beautiful white serving pieces but knew I couldn’t do shelves. I wanted them over the banquette seat but Jeff is a tall dude and I didn’t want him hitting his head everytime he went to eat dinner. I decided to use the picture ledge from Ikea. It is shallow enough that it isn’t obtrusive and deep enough to just hold my pieces.


Still need to patch some holes from a different shelf I tried failed to build.



So still on the ‘ol To Do List:

Replace the curtains on the sink window

Replace the curtain over the banquette (it just looks old and nasty)

build a light fixture

finish building my spice cabinet

I’m hoping to get the kitchen stuff done before moving on to anything else, but I seriously doubt that will happen! I promise to keep ya updated this time! 😉


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  1. We just had to replace a light with a pull string with one that has a switch in a bedroom (in our old house almost all the lights are pull string. So annoying) anyway it was SUPER easy to put in a light switch. With how crafty you are I just know you could look up some YouTube videos on how to do it and put in a normal light fixture!

    • Can you just come over and do it for me? 🙂 I don’t like dealing with electricity! I might just have my electrician friend come over and do it for me if my plan doesn’t work

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