Time for a change….again

Well, the time has come to get Lily into a big girl bed! woohoo!! Lately, the girls have been sleeping in the tiny toddler beds in Lily’s room and doing such a great job together, that we thought we would have them share a room. We decided that we would put them both into Lorelei’s bedroom, which is across the hall, and since Lily’s room is attached to our room, we thought we’d turn it into a walk in closet and master bath combo. While I’m so excited that we are going to have our own bathroom with a nice soaking tub, that dream won’t be happening for some time, so for now, we are focusing on the girls room.

I had the idea to just put a bed in there and be done with it, but I had forgotten about bedding. So I scoured the internet looking for anything relatively close to Lorelei’s custom made bedding, but no luck. Same problem I had when I first began planning her room.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 059

I love all the colors in her room, and I LOVE her bedding, but I’m just not in the mood to make a whole new set. With that, I stumbled across this bedding at Wal-mart. I had already been pinning pink and navy blue ideas for Lily when she was ready to transition, and now that they will be sharing a room, why not just implement those ideas in there? It’s not my favorite bedding, but it’s unbelievably affordable (I can do 2 sets for $60) and I can dress it up with awesome paint on the walls and lovely throw pillows.  Because who doesn’t love painting a room every season? Apparently I do. Or I just like to punish myself. I’m not really sure which.

So here’s the plan:

I will keep the striped walls, but use big pink stripes, which I happen to have leftover from Lily’s room so the cost is $0, and navy blue pin stripes. Then I plan to make them matching headboards using the west elm daybed design as my inspiration:

west elm

I’ll change out the pink curtains to a lighter shade and I think I’m going to do a faux roman shade instead of 2 long panels. I found a cute little desk in the free section of craigslist that I’ll paint either pink or white  and use an old upholstered chair (also from the free section of craigslist) that I’ll paint white and recover in a cute pink pattern. Maybe chevron? Not sure yet. Since there will be 2 beds and desk in the room, we decided it would be best to get rid of the dresser (I just got misty typing that, love that dresser) and turn their closet into a wardrobe kind of like this:

built in closet

That way they can still have pretty storage for their clothes, with plenty of room to play  🙂 That’s the plan, we’ll just wait and see how much and how quickly we can get it done so we can start work on our very own bathroom…


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  1. we need to do that kind of a closet for Collin’s room. Great ideas. You are soooo good at this. Really need to start the business and cash all of out with your wealth!

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