Yard Work!

So far, this has been the summer of yard work, EVERY WEEKEND! I’m spent! But it looks like we are reaching the end of our outdoor projects, for now.

Remember our free-ish fence? Well, I finally got around to painting it! I started off with my handy dandy paint sprayer, but I guess the heat and size of this project was just too much for it and it finally bit the dust after 2 years! It got me as far as the primer for one half of the fence. So the fence sat, primed and waiting for paint for about a month.



Lucky for me, my neighbor is a contractor and he let me borrow his commercial paint sprayer! I fell in love with it!! Painting was so much faster since I didn’t have to keep refilling the cup. You just stick the tube in your 5 gallon bucket and go to town! It was awesome!

It was also very, VERY messy. Especially in the wind. By the end of it, I was coated in paint. I’m not sure professionals look like this when they are done. 🙂  But imagining painting all those pickets by hand (which I attempted and only got as far as 2 before giving up) made the mess of it totally worth it! When I was finished, I immediately ordered a sprayer of my very own.


And now we have this perfectly shabby, beautiful white fence!




Let’s just take a minute to reflect on what the yard looked like when we bought it

house 001

Now we’re making progress!!

We lined the fence with black mulch and I planted some lavender bushes along the inside.They are just tiny babies now, but they will eventually be a beautiful hedge of purple. I found about 350 free brick pavers on craigslist and we used them to line the tiniest sidewalk in the world.




Our sidewalk is wider and looks a whole lot better, and you just can’t beat free landscaping! We also got some free sod and used it to fill in the bare spots on the “good” side of the yard. It’s a bit over grown because we seeded over it as well to fill in any bare spots, and we can’t mow it until the new grass is longer. So we are living in the jungle for now!


Jeff Rototilled the back yard to get it ready for seed.


We ran into a small problem in the back when the rototiller cut through the internet cable that was buried less than 2 inches deep!!


I thought we would have to spend hundreds of dollars and have the whole yard ripped up to replace it, but Jeff was sure he could fix it. He whipped out his soldering iron and put that baby back together. I was so impressed.

So we seeded the back and the dirt half of the front, and we are finally, after 2 weeks, seeing some great progress. We have green fuzz!


We also added a paver walkway in the backyard that leads to our cars. It’s not much to look at, but then again the back has never been anything wonderful so this is more for function than form. We kept dragging dirt and mud into the house and we needed a simple solution. Thankfully we were given these pavers from a great friend, so it was another no cost update. Hopefully, it will look better when the grass comes in? We shall see…

IMG_20130603_160237_686 (1)

So that’s where we are at for now. I’ll get some more pictures up once the new lawn is more established and well manicured. I’m just so happy to finally see something growing in the dirt! What summer projects are you working on?


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