One Man’s Trash…

The other night, I noticed this beauty in my neighbors dumpster, so I sent Jeff on a re-con mission to rescue it from it’s impending doom.


It once had glass inserts that I’m sure were broke and therefore landed this poor thing in the trash, but I had a plan! My mission: turn this old coffee table into a shiny new tufted ottoman!

Here’s how it was done:



First, I attached some scrap pieces of plywood to the top to cover the holes. I just laid them out on top and then screwed them in place. Next, I pre-drilled the holes for my tufting in a diamond pattern. Total cost for this step: $0 as I already had the scrap plywood and screws.


Then a couple coats of black spray paint to the legs ($0.96 a can at walmart!)



Then 2 layers of 1 inch foam. I had some scrap leftover from my Banquette Seating project that I fit together like a puzzle. I bought the 2nd layer for $16 at walmart. I cut everything down to size and stapled a layer of batting (also leftover from a previous project) to keep everything soft and in place.


I had to staple one side of my one yard of fabric ($6) and then came the tufting! Now I am no expert on tufting, but my genius dad helped me come up with a method that works really well. I bought these buttons from walmart (or any craft store) that allow you to add fabric. Cost: $1.76 for 4


Once all the buttons were ready. I tied my thread to them and using a large needle, pulled them through my layers of fabric and foam right through my pre-drilled holes and tied them off with some plain ‘ol buttons on the other side. I used my staple gun to secure the underside buttons in place to create my tuft.


Am I making any sense? 🙂

Once the tufting was done, I stapled the rest of my fabric in place and Now I get to enjoy this beauty!


Ain’t she purdy?? Total project cost: $32. Cost for saving the life of a coffee table: priceless!


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