Affordable Update.

Last week, I had the pleasure of adding some much needed shelving to some very unusable space in a condo downtown. It was screaming for a little makeover. The whole condo was beautiful but this one little spot seemed to be neglected. Since it’s in the bathroom, what better use then a linen closet!


I used some 1×2 for supports and, in an effort to keep it budget friendly, I used some 1/4 inch plywood for the shelves that I just painted white.


After All the shelves were installed, it was time to caulk every last nook and cranny and paint, paint, paint!


I added some 1/2 inch shoe molding to the fronts of the plywood shelves to make them look finished and just slightly more substantial. I found a door casing pack which ended up being much more cost effective than just buying the casing on its own. Just a couple cuts to make it work for my space, and voila! A much more effective (and pretty) use of space. And at only $68 for the project, easy on the wallet too!



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