Purple, Green and Pink?

One of my youngest clients requested that she have a purple, pink and green bedroom. Seriously? I could not imagine how it would all work. But she showed me! This color palette really worked great for her very fun bedroom. When we started her bedroom had one hot pink accent wall and three very purple walls. I decided to make the whole room purple so that the walls weren’t competing with each other anymore. She happened to have this existing furniture and I knew I had to make it work with my design plan. I had a limited budget of $200 for some furniture, curtains, throw pillows and wall decor.

phone 347

phone 348

Her room had most of the elements, but lacked direction and there was not much style happening.

I found a side table and toy box at goodwill for $35 that I painted bright pink and I brought those super cute flower night lights down to a more appropriate height

work 008

I found an old brass headboard and footboard and painted it lime green. I also painted that awesome mirror I found for $5 in the same color. Doesn’t it look great against that purple wall?

work 009

I also made her name out of craft letters and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. This was a very inexpensive project that had big impact.

She Already had great bedding, but it had no purple. I decided to use throw pillows to tie the whole color scheme together.

work 004

Before, her toys were spread throughout her room, but now they all have a home in the perfect little toy nook.

work 022

I used my leftover scrapbook paper from her name project to add some fun silhouettes to the wall.

work 013work 012

She now has a beautiful room that reflects her own personality and personal style! I am blown away by how well these colors turned out!


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