DIY Painted Area Rug




I kept seeing these painted area rugs floating around pinterest. One day, I thought “hey I can do that!” and so began my search. I found, on craigslist, an unused, unopened, very large, beige area rug for $15. A steal! And I wasn’t about to spend a ton of money for my little experiment. Once I brought it home, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the motivation to actually paint it, but then a client had a need for an extra large area rug with a bold pattern. The budget was slim so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. First things first, tape off my pattern. I prefer masking tape over painter’s tape when painting fibers because it tends to have fewer bleeds.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 007

I decided on a geometric pattern 2 inches wide. Not only because the client preferred a modern pattern, but also because I felt it would be easier for my first time.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 008

I decided to use the same chocolaty brown paint that we used on the wall. This would save money and coordinate well in the room. I used a regular ol’ paintbrush and went to town.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 010

I always remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Keeps from messing up the paint and makes for much cleaner lines.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 014

Pretty awesome, right? It’s a bit stiff on the paint, but after the vacuum goes over it a few times and plenty of foot traffic, it will soften. This was such an easy project, but maybe next time I will mix the paint with fabric medium to soften it up a bit more. Have you tried out any of the awesome ideas making their way around pinterest lately?


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