The Big Reveal!!

So the time finally came for Lorelei to transition to a big bed and out of her toddler bed. Mostly because Lily was ready to get out of the crib, but also because Mommy really had the itch to do some decorating. My first step was to paint the super amazing headboard and footboard that I found for $12 on craigslist months and months ago. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect. A few weeks later I found a super ugly dresser in the FREE section on craigslist and knew they would compliment each other perfectly once painted. With headboard and dresser in hand, I knew the exact direction I wanted to go, but it would have to wait. Afterall, her bedroom was already painted and I knew it would be a lot of work to prime and repaint, So I decided to work with my current palette and just paint the headboard black for now. I wasn’t all that exited but I would make it work.Image

Ugly, but full of potential!


Much better in black.

Next came the dilemma of her comforter. I had a budget of $0 and had nothing. I went downstairs to poke around in my fabric and could not find enough of anything to make a blanket or comforter. And then, sitting in the corner, there was a cheap black comforter all balled up. It was one of those items that you happen to collect when you get married and you think you’ll never use that boring, patternless piece of junk, but you hold onto it anyway. As if the universe is telling you “don’t throw that away. one day when you have a kid who needs their room to coordinate and you have no money to buy anything amazing, you’ll be happy you kept this” And boy was I happy! It was probably one of those $15 comforters from wally world, and it was meant for a full size bed, but I knew I could make it work. I tossed it over her twin size bed and started to make my cuts. I sewed up the sides and, voila!, a twin comforter. But it was still boring. I went back to my fabrics and found that I had exactly one yard of beautiful black and white lattice fabric so I sewed it right to the top of that boring black comforter.Image

Hooray! So pretty!

While the result of her new bed and bedding was cute-ish, I still wasn’t thrilled. Her room was cute, but it was also dark, and a bit too grown up for her. Plus, I was craving a light, bright room. That would come soon…


lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 016lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 020lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 019

So first things first, Priming! Thankfully have my handy dandy paint sprayer
(around $60 at Home Depot), otherwise this would have been the worst part of the job

lorelei's room

Next was a quick coat of white and then onto the stripes!

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 021 Just taped them off  ten inches wide and 12 inches apart.

After the stripes were dry it was time for the pin stripes. This was the tedious part. I had to tape them off and then “seal” them using paint so I would end up with nice clean lines.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 023lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 024lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 025

And, TADA! Clean lines, super cute stripes 🙂

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 063

Next up was painting the dresser…Oh boy was I excited!! This dresser had been sitting, lonely, in my basement waiting for a good update. I would walk by it daily while doing laundry (ok more like monthly) dreaming of what it might look like all done up.

Here’s what it looked like when we picked it up. Did I mention it was FREE????


And here it is after it’s sassy makeover!

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 066Isn’t it beautiful! I’m in love! See all those nooks and crannies? This is where my handy dandy paint sprayer once again saved the day! Easiest paint job ever! It took me about 2 days to paint, let dry and coat with clear gloss spray paint.

I hunted for months for the perfect fabric for her bedding. It had to have a fun colorful pattern that did not include alphabets, butterflies or owls (the only bedding available to little girls in these colors without spending a small fortune). I came across the kumari garden collection on etsy and knew instantly that this was it! Call off the dogs, the search is over!! It only took me a good 3 months of searching. On Etsy, the fabric was priced really high, but I found it all on and got to use a 30% off coupon! Hooray! All the fabric for her bedding cost $142. This included the fabric for throw pillows, curtains and even the fabric I framed on the walls. That’s alot less than any cute bed in a bag deal, and I ended up with exactly the look I wanted.

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 059

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 042

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 061

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 053lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 052lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 054

I sprayed a couple coats of pink and orange spray paint on all the frames to brighten up her artwork. I kept the chandelier the same and updated the shades with a little lime green fabric

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 058

I painted the ceiling medallion green but I’m not yet sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?

lorelei's room and lily's 2nd 048

I am so in love with the way her room turned out! I wish I could move in. I’m also hoping this bright bedroom will improve her mood, but I won’t hold my breath. You know how three year olds are! 🙂 I still have some touch ups and I need to change the curtain rods. I’ll probably just paint her current rods white,  or maybe orange? green? blue? I haven’t yet decided. What do you think of her new and improved room?


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  1. Orange was my first thought too! but as always, I doubt myself. Glad you like the green ceiling medallion. Maybe I’ve just been so used to seeing the black that it’s shocking to me…who knows!

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