(almost) Free Fence

Awhile back, I found a fence in the free section of craigslist. It was perfect! Gothic pickets, pretty little gate handles. I said “Husband, I MUST have that!” Lucky for me, he was pretty excited about it too! It came from a condo complex pretty close to where Jeff works. They were taking it apart slowly over the course of a few weeks so Jeff was able to go back a couple times for some truckloads of panels. Everything was great, we were going to have a white picket fence like I’ve always dreamed of (I know, I know…soooooo cliche) and then….. it sat, and sat, and sat….for months! I think I could have earned an award for how much I nagged Jeff about that damn fence….

Well, people, today is the day! The fence is up (well mostly)!!!!

Jeff enlisted the help of his brother, John. First they put the posts in. I got quite a few for free on craigslist, but Jeff ended up having to buy 7 more for $42.
The concrete to keep the posts in place was $30

After letting the posts set for a day, the panels started going up! Let me just say, Jeff looks pretty good with a power tool đŸ™‚

We are halfway there people!! It’s going to look so amazing!

Next step, paint it white! Stay tuned for that update (p.s. don’t my neighbors trees look gorgeous! So loving fall!)


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