What a Difference Some Paint Makes!

I am so over painting….for the past 6 days I have been painting our cute little house. My amazing parents took the girls all day Saturday and Sunday so we could work on it and I honestly believed that we would get it all done in those 2 days. I mean there is really not much to the house, it shouldn’t be any different then painting interior walls, right? Wrong!! One thing I’m coming to learn about myself (or maybe just finally admitting to) is that My concept of time is MUCH different than the rest of the world. I am terrible at time management because I convince myself that what might take an hour in real time, I can get done in 20 minutes…and that is NEVER the case. I think it might be a quality among artists/creative types because I am not the only one who goes through this….or am I? *SIGH*Anyway, 6 days later and I’m still not finished, but there is enough complete to show you some pictures, woohoo! The bulk of the painting is complete, it’s just those darn details like shutters and ledges…ugh!

So without further ado, here is before :

And After!!!

Gorgeous!!! I am so happy with this color! It’s called Grand Smoky Mountain.

We were toying with the idea of hiring a someone to paint for us until we got the quote back. They were going to charge us $1300!! Outrageous! After that, I became completely confident we could do it ourselves. Now, I will not deny that Benjamin Moore has some gorgeous colors to choose from, but that is some pricey paint. I happen to love the variety at Wally World and I love their prices even more! I managed to get a great deal this time around. When I went to the counter, I told the lady I needed the big 5 gallon bucket (which happens to be a pain in the butt to deal with but is also a better deal than 5 individual gallons) and she explained that they were out of the one I needed but that she would give me the 5 individuals for the same price. I couldn’t argue with that! She then informed me that there weren’t enough 1 gallons to get the black paint for the shutters so she gave me the more expensive brand at the same price. Oh poor me! 😉 I was expecting to pay around $145 but I ended up spending only $110!! The 5 gallon bucket was priced at $98, but she ended up charging me $68 for the 5 individual gallons. I should’ve bought a lotto ticket that day….

So first came the prep work. We had to caulk all the hairline cracks in the stucco. Not my favorite part of the job.

We used clear silicone meant for outdoors.

Just run it over the cracks….

And then smooth it out (wow, do I need a manicure!)

Then came the fun part! I love my paint sprayer is saves so much time and it only takes one coat! Best $60 we ever spent! It only took about 2-3 hours to do the bulk of the house!

Jeff hung our cute metal scroll-y thing (no idea what else to call it) He used a drill with a masonry bit, a level and cement screws.

Look at that stud!

Ta-da! We put the screws in before we painted and then painted them the same color so they would blend right in. It just adds a nice little detail to an otherwise flat space.

Doesn’t our black front door look beautiful against that grey color? I love it!

Since we had all the supplies on hand, we saved just under  $1200 by doing the work ourselves! Awesome!


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  1. Kelly, I absolutely love it!!! I wouldnt of thought of that color but I will now. So we know what you spent but according to your realtor does this small ivestment give you any return $ wise or just more eye appeal. Even eye appeal alone it will make more people look at your house! I truly love it.

    • Well I haven’t asked her about return, but it does increase the curb appeal which will bring buyers in. I ‘ll have to ask her and get back to ya! I think anything you do to improve your home will add value, it’s just about making sure that you can get back what you invested. If it costs us $110 to do a $1300 job, I’d say we will most definitely see a return in our investment.

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