Bathroom Update

Let me start by saying I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been so caught up with life that I just haven’t had much time to share any of my projects! We’ve been painting the house (pictures coming soon!) , traveling to Steamboat with family and getting Lorelei all ready for preschool!! I’m so excited that she is going to learn and have fun with kids her own age, but I was kind of taken back by the tinge of sadness I felt that she would be doing all these fun things without me. She’s not going to need Mommy there to help her. It’s a strange feeling to be happy that she’s becoming this cool little person that can do all of these things on her own and sad that she is growing too quickly all at the same time.

I digress…. Anyhoodles…..

The bathroom is now officially complete! I ordered some super amazing beadboard wall paper from Graham & Brown. It went up so easily and looks like the real deal. It’s amazing what a difference a good texture on the wall can make.

So much nicer! Don’t you think? I got the 8 ft. of chair rail for $5! The wallpaper was $39 including shipping and I already had white paint on hand. That puts our total for this bathroom remodel at….

$196!! You just can’t beat that.

It looks so much nicer in there. It’s fresh and crisp now instead of outdated and, well….gross.

I used my bathtub to soak the wall paper before hanging it. I was too lazy to take the bath toys out while I did it. What? Sometimes you have to take shortcuts!I just soaked each piece for about 5 minutes and then stuck them up, right over the existing crap, er, I mean wainscoting.

The weird texture doesn’t even show through with this awesome wall paper! I’m so impressed!

It sits right on top of the baseboards so I just caulked the edges and threw up my chair rail and quick coat of paint. Easy peesy!


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