Lorelei’s 3rd Birthday!

Over the weekend we had a Gymnastic/Sweet Shoppe themed birthday party for Lorelei’s 3rd birthday. She won’t actually be 3 for a few more days, but it still has me thinking about how bittersweet it is. I’m so happy for who she is becoming, but sad at how quickly the time has gone. Some days, I wish I could go back to the newborn days and just rock with her a little longer, or watch her when she was learning to walk. When you are living the day to day life, it becomes so easy to get caught up in the routine and I often wonder if I spend enough time just enjoying my girls. I hope that they know that I love them to the moon and back and that I’m proud of every little accomplishment, no matter how small. I wonder if I am doing everything right for them and I wonder who they will become. Lorelei is such a smart, incredibly stubborn, independent little thing and her personality (while frustrating at times) is amazing. She is funny and cute and a wonderful singer. I can remember holding her in my arms after first bringing her home and imagining what she might look like and be like at this age. Back then, it seemed like such a far away thought and I can’t believe how quickly we got here. I cherish her and I hope that she has the most wonderful childhood and the happiest birthdays.

This was her Sweet Shoppe table. I had a very limited budget so I made chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped rice krispie treats, cupcakes and bought some lollipops. I was inspired by desert tables I’d seen on Pinterest, and while not quite as fabulous, I think it got the point across for a very small amount of money.

I found the polka dot napkins on sale at Party City for $1 and the cute coordinating plates as well. I used plastic table cloths and pink wrapping paper for the table runner. I wanted it to be bright and cheery.

My best friend, Amy, happens to be the owner of the Kids Gym where her party was held. She ran the party and made it super special for Lorelei. She did the Parachute, wedge splat, forward rolls over the donut mat, and then Jumping on the air track. The kids had a blast…

…..So did the adults 🙂 That’s my sister-in-law, my sister and me. We were training for the olympics. Think we’ll make it?

We’ve started a tradition (whether he likes it or not:) ) to bake my bro-in-law a cake and sing to him since his birthday is only days apart from Lorelei’s. We love him and we want him know it!

Brothers 🙂

He loves camouflage so this year (thanks completely to pinterest) I made him this double layered beauty.

I think the Birthday Girl had a blast

Such a cutie pie

It was such a fun day, aside from the minor injury just as we were getting ready to leave. Lorelei tripped and split her chin open. I’ll spare you the gory details and pictures and just say that she is healing quite nicely and stitches were not needed. Thank you to everyone who made her day spectacular.


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