My Sister’s Bathroom

A while back, my sister allowed me to help her “remodel” her master bathroom. It was so much fun and I love the outcome. While she no longer lives at this house, sometimes I just have to go back and look at the pictures because I’m amazed at the bang for our buck with this one!

Here’s the Before

The first thing I did was paint the cabinets black. My sister bought that Rustoleum Cabinet transformation kit and I learned that I am not a fan. It includes a paint and a a clear finish. The finish dried bubbly and it wasn’t as perfectly smooth as I had hoped. Luckily she loved the outcome and it was just my perfectionist nature that was so annoyed.

I laid all the doors out on a plastic drop cloth on the floor and went to town. I did like that there was no sanding with the kit (just about the only upside)

I guess it turned out pretty great…

She found some framed mirrors from big lots for around $40. I painted big bold stripes with some beige paint she had leftover from painting another room. I hung up the mirrors and my handy hubby changed out her light fixtures with some oil rubbed bronze fanciness.

She changed out the faucets for Oil rubbed bronze and the look is stunning. Looks like a bathroom straight out of a custom home!

She had this shelf with hooks so we swapped out her towel rack and she picked up some coordinating towels. I love the basket on top.

I love the mix of the chocolate brown with the beige stripes. It’s so warm and inviting. I could’ve stayed in that bathroom all day!



2 responses

  1. Yes i loved this bathroom, too bad its.gone! Where have u been? Missed reading your blog…very cozy, relaxing and warm tbis bathroom is.

    • I have been so busy with sick kids, fourth of July and working out that I forgot to blog! But I’m back and I plan to do at least one more post this week if not more 🙂

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