Dream Room

I have dreamed of a black and white room for so long and I finally convinced Jeff to let me do it in this house! (Can you tell yet that black and white are my favorites?) At first, he thought I was absolutely nuts when I told him I wanted to paint the walls black, but he actually likes them now. While a light and bright bedroom is great in theory, it doesn’t really lend itself to sleeping in on the weekends. Our black walls absorb all the light and the result is a cozy, dark atmosphere perfect for those very rare moments when the girls actually let us sleep late.

This is the doorway into our room. I got a poster that featured three photos of Paris and cut them into individual photos and used frames I found in the clearance section of Bed, Bath & Beyond. We had to paint all the baseboards in the house white. They were a terrible oak which I just can’t stand.

The quilt was a housewarming gift from my mom. She found it on sale and it is just perfect for the room. I used red pillows and lamp shades for a pop of color.

With the help of my genius dad, we made this perfect upholstered headboard. I found a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper on sale for $50. We very quickly learned that we hated memory foam, and I’m not one to waste anything, so this idea popped into my head! I got a piece of 4 X 8 particle board for $8 at Home Depot and cut it to fit our king size bed. Then I cut the foam to fit the board. Next was a trip to Joann’s for some fabric and buttons. I found some white cotton fabric for $3/yard so I got 3 yards and splurged on the buttons for $12.  We laid down the fabric, then the foam and then the board. We pulled the fabric around to the back of the board and used a staple gun to secure it. We learned that regular thread was not strong enough to give the headboard a tufted look. Buttons were flying everywhere!! My dad suggested para cord which is a ridiculously strong rope. We cut the para cord open and used the thread inside of it. It’s amazingly tough! We looped it through the pretty buttons and tied it to the regular buttons on the other side and stapled them in place.

This is my faux roman shade. I took a curtain panel I already had, turned it sideways and stapled it in place! (I haven’t taken down the brackets from the previous curtains yet, oops) I used some pretty ribbon that I found for $1 as beautiful ties. It looks like the real deal!

I had a giant frame that I needed to fill, so I got this wedding photo printed for $11. I didn’t realize at the time that it would be bigger than our heads! I found the other 2 frames for $5 at Goodwill and spray painted them white. I used some black and white fabric and wood plaques to fill them. I found the chandelier for free on CL and spray painted it white. So chic!

I love our little romantic getaway! What is your dream bedroom?


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