DIY Play Kitchen

This past Christmas, money was a bit tight, as was for a lot of people. We really wanted to do something big for the girls and a play kitchen was just the thing! There are pretty much 2 options when shopping for a play kitchen; You can have ugly plastic for pretty cheap or get a really cool wood kitchen and pay some serious dough. I wasn’t happy with either option, so we made our own! I was inspired by some really great kitchens I’d seen on Pinterest. My parents had this kind of ugly little cabinet. It was originally a cherry wood laminate and my mom was over it, so I quickly took it off her hands. I had some leftover red paint from a wall I painted in our last apartment and decide it would be the perfect kitchen color. I always have black paint on hand, so that was used for the burners and oven door as well as so some silver acrylic paint.

I found some wood knobs at Home Depot for $1 a piece, but I was stuck on what to do for the faucet. I walked up and down the aisles of our craft store and stopped in the wood craft section. A ‘J’  turned upside down would be perfect! It was about $1 and I used the same silver acrylic paint as the oven door.

We wanted it to seem pretty realistic, so we made sure all the knobs could turn and the oven door would open like a real oven door. We got some new hinges for $4 and attached them to the bottom of the door and added a silver pull for the handle for $3.

Two cooling racks serve as oven racks.

Jeff cut a hole in the top and we used a silver dog bowl as the sink!

I thought the girls would have to have some aprons to go with their new kitchen, so I made them each one to match. They are simply two potholders and a dishtowel cut in half! I found this black and white set at wal-mart for $6. I used red ribbon found in the clearance bin for $1 a roll to use for the neck and the tie back. I just did a simple stitch with the sewing machine and they were done in about 10 minutes.

Don’t they look cute?

They love it, I don’t have to look at an ugly plastic one all day, and since we had most of the materials on hand, it only cost us $21 to make!


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