I was so excited to do Lorelei’s room. I had it all planned out in my head before we ever found the house. I bought fabric to make her bedding, I began collecting cool frames to hang on her wall, but when it came time to execute my dream, well, it just didn’t turn out at all how I hoped.

My plan was to paint the toddler bed frame black to match the room, but I feel so over this room, that I just kept putting it off. Lorelei is just about ready for a twin bed, which is the perfect excuse to start redecorating!

The chandelier is awesome! It will be staying in the transition, but with new shades and I’ll be painting the ceiling medallion a different color.

I do like the way this turned turned out. I found the wood for the big black frame on an old couch sitting in the dumpster of our old apartment. Jeff was happy to rip it off for me. A miter saw and a can of spray paint and voila! The pink frames are all goodwill finds that I spray painted pink. I think I’ll keep some of these elements for the new room.

This will be staying as well. Although, I want to paint the frame a different color and change out the ribbon. I got the idea for a bow holder from pinterest. I just hot glued some ribbon to an old frame I found at goodwill. It’s the perfect spot for all those bows that would otherwise be scattered around the house.

I can’t stand this dresser. I’m sure it would be great painted another color, but I’ve come to hate it. It was a great goodwill find at only $17. I painted it black and spray painted the pulls hot pink. I think its the harshness of the black and hot pink. I’ve seen these colors done really well together, but this was an epic fail. On top of that, I’m over the color combo and would really like Lorelei to have a space that’s light and bright. Jeff is not happy about having to paint over the black, but hopefully this time it will turn out right! 🙂 I actually gave him a free pass this time around. I told him he could take the kids and go have a fun day while I do all the painting.

My plan for her updated room will be hot pink, aqua, tangerine and lime green. I see bold patterns, bright colors and stripes in her future! I’ll keep you posted on the progress…


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  1. Love love love reading your blogs! They inspire me…everything from the great deals/steals to your ideas down to your writing skills! I think her new room will look great. Ido like the pink and black but once you use alot of one color scheme it all starts to look flat and bkend in ( in my opinion)…

    • I think you are right Tara. It’s just too much black and pink. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Thank you so much and I’m happy to inspire you!

  2. Funny i have almost the same dresser i tried to do for my bedroom in black with yellow knobs, and i feel the same way about it! it makes me cringe every time i see it, but I saw a Pin on re-vamping an old dresser with wall paper instead of paint on the drawer fronts, thought that might be an easy way to spruce it up an give it a bit of dimension for such a flat harsh piece of furniture!

    • Do you kilz first then sand or sand first then kilz? What kind ofpaint did u use? The dresser I will be painting is going to be brown or army green for Colts room that is in camo

      • Sand first, then Kilz. Then a light sanding after you Kilz to smooth any brush strokes or drips.I want to see pics of his room! I saw camo crib bedding the other day and thought of you!

    • It is a flat boring piece of furniture! I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking how awful it looked! I think wall paper or even wrapping paper would look fantastic! I’d love to see how it turns out

  3. Ok so I dit the drawer fronts, but instead of wall paper I used scrap book paper and mod podge (Elmer’s glue mixed with water) and it turned out pretty good! I cut all the paper before really thinking and the bottom three drawers are taller than the top two and I wish I would have cut the paper a bit thicker but all in all the dresser looks so much better! I e mail u a pic if you want! I think you should give it a try! Paper was on sale at hobby lobby 50% off (.22/sheat) so all together paper and Elmer’s glue, it was a $8 fix that took 1-2 hrs max, and made a huge difference!

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