Our Happy Little Family

Jeff and I met coaching gymnastics together. We were pretty great friends. He, myself and our other friend used to hang out sometimes after work. Then one day he asked me over for dinner. I was completely caught off guard. Did he ask my other friend to come? Was this a date? Did I even want to go on a date? I didn’t know how I felt about it so I did the most logical thing I could think of; I said sure! I still didn’t know what to expect once I got there, but it all became clear when he kissed me after dinner. That’s when I knew that I loved him. We have two beautiful, stubborn, hilarious and incredibly smart little girls and our awesome (although very catlike) dog named Izzy. She’s half husky, half Australian shepherd and 100% attitude. Lucky for us, she loves our girls as much as we do.

This is our sweet, silly Lily pad! She just turned 1 in January. She is almost always this serious when you point a camera in her direction. It’s like she refuses to be caught having fun. She cracks me up!




This is Lorelei, or Lolo, or Lolly Pop. She is 2 1/2 going on 16. When her mind is made up, that’s it. It’s her way or no way and I wouldn’t change her for the world! She is adorable and she knows it. She amazes me everyday.

(Photos courtesy of my super talented Sis-in-law!)





I’m the lucky lady that gets to spend the rest of her life with this guy 🙂

And our pretty little Pup, Izzy

She’s not huge a fan of the camera, either


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