Enter Here

I’ve always dreamed of a  beautiful entryway. All the apartments we ever lived in only offered a 2’x2′ square of tile and a tiny closet. Not exactly a designated Entryway. I was thrilled when we walked into our house for the first time and there was an actual room. Small, but an entryway nonetheless! Our home did not welcome you to our untidy living room right of the bat, oh no, there was a transitional space. A place to be welcomed. To hang your coat or wipe your shoes. A space to dry off before tracking mud, snow and rain all over the house! (squeals of joy)

This space still needs quite a bit of work, but I’m pretty happy so far

Please excuse the attempted photobomb by my daughter 🙂

This is the view as soon as you walk in, complete with free closet door, thanks Craigslist. I found the little round table in the clearance section of a furniture store for $13!  The top is a bit warped, but you don’t really notice unless you are looking for it. It had a terrible cherry-like stain so i just painted it black. The “War’s End Kiss” was $6 on sale at Target, steal! And the damask candles were once plain white. I found some rub-ons at the craft store and turned them into a gorgeous decor candles!

These hideous fake gold mirrors were found at Goodwill. I intended to paint them some fun bold color, but never could decide on a direction. I just hung them up to get an idea about how they would look and decided they were quite interesting when grouped together. So I think I’ll keep them cheap gold for now. What do you think?

The Light fixture was just a standard 1970’s glass and brass fixture that I hated the sight of, so I covered it in craft paper, black trim found in the fabric department and black spray paint. A cheap fix of only about $8 and the end result is so unique.

I’m thinking of painting the space. Maybe some bold, horizontal, black and white stripes? Thoughts? Other suggestions?


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