Lily’s Super Chic Nursery

Okay, so Winnie the Pooh makes for some pretty entertaining television for my little ladies, but I am not into the idea of plastering him, or any other overly cutesy character or animal, all over the walls and bedding. Bleh, just bleh. I needed sophistication for my darling…So I opted for a sweet color combo for my wee one. I decided on baby pink and chocolate brown because the contrast is 1. very stimulating for babies during wakeful hours and 2. because it is oh so chic! This room only has a few thrifted items because we were so lucky to be gifted the beautiful crib and changing table, but the overall look is just fantastic, don’t you think? It’s by far my favorite room in the house

I love the mix of patterns in the same color story. Makes me giddy!

I really felt like this room needed a chandelier, but we had no money to spend on that sort of thing. I would not be satisfied until we had one. So I got creative and made this one out of snowflake shaped cookie cutters! With holes punched into the cutters, I used jump rings to attatch the plastic craft store jewels and a long silver chain to hang from a 50+ lb ceiling hook. I made sure that thing wouldn’t come down! It doesn’t actually light up, but it gets the point across. Bonus, it doubles as the mobile!

Jeff actually found this old, child-size  rocking chair sitting next to the dumpster at our old apartment. The arm was broken off and it was painted a crackly red. I just reattached the arm with some wood glue and a new screw and spray painted it brown. I hand painted a Damask Fleur with the same paint I used on the walls and voila!

Next, we needed some inexpensive artwork, so I grabbed some canvases at 50% at Hobby Lobby and whipped these babies together

First, I painted the background color and then printed the words in fonts I like and traced them onto the canvas. If you don’t have tracing paper, you can just color the back of the page with pencil, tape the word to canvas, trace and have a perfectly transferred word ready for paint. I added stripes and damask fleurs to coordinate with the bedding.

The walls came to me in a dream. I woke up the next day and drew them out on a piece of paper so Jeff could actually see what I was talking about. He thought I was nuts! I don’t blame him, do you? They seem like a pretty big undertaking, but the truth is, they’re pretty simple. Time consuming, yes, but overall, very easy. I didn’t measure anything or draw a harlequin pattern, I just cut a diamond out of 2 pieces of poster board taped together! I took that piece and taped it on the wall and then used as my guide to tape around it. I started at the top corner and worked my way down and over. Then I used a cup to trace a perfect circle over my not so perfect corners. The circles really hide the fact that I didn’t line up my diamonds perfectly! Turned out quite cute, I must say!

A gorgeous hutch painted brown to match the espresso furniture really completes the space. It’s a great place to house diapers, wipes and pictures of family for her to gaze at!

Which do you prefer for your child’s bedroom or nursery, sophisticated or cutesy? Or both?


2 responses

  1. Looks amazing! You are so talented!!!! You will most likely be disappointed in me…we put up batman stickers in Collin’s room…his room needs help! But, a black accent wall might be coming. thank goodness batman has decent colors in his wardrobe 🙂

    • I think it’s all about personal preference. You should absolutely go for a batman themed room for that little man. It’s so him! Black wall sounds awesome, maybe some funky yellow curtains and a giant bat symbol? I’d love to help if you need it!

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