The Greatest Couch Ever

Before we moved in, we searched for an affordable sectional. We had this vision of us all snuggled up watching movies and hanging out together. We had these pretty white love seats that were just way too small for Jeff  (who is 6ft. tall) to stretch out on. They were hand me down from my parents, and while they were beautiful, they were also pretty girly and would not stay clean. They had a gorgeous white tapestry. With 2 small children and a messy hubby, they just weren’t working for us anymore. So I searched furniture stores, craigslist and even goodwill for the perfect sectional. No luck. Then one day, I looked in the Free section and there was this wonderful piece of trash!

Apparently, the owner’s dog was a little mad that they went out and he ruined one of the cushions. The rest of the couch was in great condition. I had always hated the idea of a leather couch. I thought I would always be sticking to it and it wouldn’t give that nice cozy feel I was going for. But something about this couch caught my attention. Maybe it was the nice lines it had, maybe it was the deep dark color. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that it was FREE! Jeff loved it immediately and we thought, Hey, it’s free. If we can’t fix it, there’s really nothing to lose.

I began to contact leather repair companies hoping for a quick $50 fix. No dice. They all told me it would be around $200 because it would need a whole new panel and cushion. Fine, I’ll do it myself! So I went to Joann’s and found some leather vinyl for $12 that was pretty close in color to the couch and a foam cushion for about $8. I carefully cut the torn panel out, making sure not to cut the outer stitching, and hand-stitched the new panel right to the original stitching.

It’s definitely not perfect, but now we have a $20 Sectional to snuggle up on and I don’t have to worry about stains or dog hair. One day we will get the panel professionally repaired and for $200 it will still cost less than a brand new sectional! But for now, this works great for us and you can hardly tell unless you are really looking for it.

Love it! What do you think?

Happy Thrifting


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