When One Door Closes…

So one night, while perusing the Free section of Craigslist, I stumbled across an ad for 17 interior doors. FOR FREE. This was more than exciting because it was the second time in a week that someone had posted interior doors. The first time, I was not quick enough to respond. They were deleted before I even finished typing the email. I was so bummed because our interior doors are gross. They are the flat hollow core brown ugliness that the previous owner painted white, complete with chipping paint and cracks. Just awful. Lily’s bedroom door is about an inch and a half from the floor. No way am I living with these! But no way am I paying for new ones! What are we to do?

So there was the ad, so I emailed. And then I called. And then I called again. Finally an answer. ‘Sorry they are taken’. Dammit! I’ve been out-craigslisted again!! So I made dinner and told Jeff all about how I was this close. After telling him that they were located in a town that is 45 min. away from us, he told me he wouldn’t have gone to go get them anyway so it was fine. Then the phone rang…

The lady told me that the first guy flaked and that I was next in line so if I wanted them I could have them. OMG OMG OMG!!! I begged and pleaded with Jeff to please go pick them up!! They were so pretty. Two paneled awesomeness. Please please please please??? Fine, but I’m not happy about it, he tells me.  I always make him run these errands for me and he’s usually pretty happy to do it. But this time it was 8:30 pm, after a long day, and it was going to take him 1 1/2 hours. I understood his reluctance. I hated to guilt him in to doing it. But I hated the thought of missing out on those doors too. So he went and we went from this….

to This

(Please forgive my lack of photography skills (:)

Pretty great, right? And the doorknobs were a great deal too. Those oil rubbed bronze beauties were $30 for 6. Can’t really beat it when they cost that much for 1 brand new. They were all still in the box, untouched. The woman got them and realized they wouldn’t work and she was unable to return them. Her loss=my gain!

So we ended up with 17 brand new doors. They needed a little touch up paint here and there from damage due to moving, but otherwise they were perfect. But we only needed 5. What did we do with the rest? Sold them on Craigslist of course! We ended up making $60 to have brand new doors in our fabulous little home! What are some of your thrifting success stories?

Happy Thrifting


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