Our Charming Bungalow

This is our very first house! We are very proud homeowners. It is located right in downtown Castle Rock, CO. We can walk to shops, the farmers market, restaurants, the list goes on! It’s such a fun, family friendly neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier to be here! I know what you are thinking….kinda dull. It’s literally a cube! No fun architecture , and the color? eek. But we have big plans! We love it! Stay tuned for the tour….

First we want to work on the yard. The half in the picture is the “good” half. Yikes! So we are just going to fertilize and water the heck out of this side to bring it back to life. The other half was all dirt at one point. We tried seeding, but that didn’t work out. Now it is covered in a beautiful green weed army! Ugh. We will just have to fix the other half next year.We found a FREE fence on Craigslist and it’s enough to fence off the entire property. Its a bit weathered, but we plan to paint it white which will help to protect it and give it new life.

Our front yard is enormous! It’s much bigger than the back yard and our girls love to play out there. I want them to feel like they can roam and explore, but we have teenage drivers on our street who love to come racing through our peaceful neighborhood. This fence will give me peace of mind and add charm.

This Image is about half the front yard.

We will most definitely paint the shutters black. Forest green is so blah. And then I was thinking greige for the exterior color. This house is my inspiration. It has just about the same lines as our house and I love the color. It looks so great with the black shutters and white trim.

Can you picture it yet? I sure can!

We found a beautiful metal scroll-y thing at the amazing antique store up the street called The Barn (that’s right folks, we have a great antique store within walking distance!) for $50 which so happened to be the same amount we had on a gift card from our realtor! Worked out perfectly! It’s big and beautiful and I painted it black. We plan to hang it in the big empty space between the 2 front windows.  It will help give the front a little more interest. We are so excited for all the upcoming projects and I’ll keep ya posted the whole way! Input is always welcome here, so feel free to give me those wonderful opinions! Any fun summer projects planned for your home?


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  1. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that you do. You inspire me! We have lots of plans too! We are redoing the whole house room by room. Remember that weird little room upstairs? Well last week we painted it a dark steel gray blue and plan on making it a mediation room with the massage table and massage chair we have.. I’ll have to post about all of that- I took before pictures but have to get the afters done..

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